WZUM IS Public Radio

WZUM is Pittsburgh's newest Public Broadcaster. Even though we were formed in 2010 for the purpose of acquiring WDUQ and by quirk of fate did not win the station, we persisted. 

There could be no persistence if it were not for the hundreds of supporters to this service. People like you who understand the value of it.

The value of a kid hearing it and understanding the possibilities of a greater world and expression of the soul.

The value of a community experiencing the common experience and pride of musicians from our town changing the world.

The value of bridging racial and economic boundaries for all with this music, in live performance as well as the broadcast. People tied together emotionally with the sound of this uniquely American art form.

The value of Jazz as a sound of movements, to affect change together as communities.

The value of the respect and attraction to a city a newcomer to the community has for a city that has such rich cultural resources such as Jazz radio. 

The value of respecting history, and the special relationship Pittsburgh has with with so many Jazz artists and legends either growing up here, or living here, and the influence of the city on the artists and the artists on the city.

The values of authenticity, integrity and originality mean a lot to WZUM Jazz listeners.

The value of a music that has integrity, and is not dishonest or fake.

WZUM brings so much to our community, and we are honored that you listen, and support it.

Chuck Leavens