Tony Campbell and Keith David on The Scene on WZUM

Today at six, Sunday at 5, join Scott Hanley for the The Scene.

November was a very busy jazz month Pittsburgh - nearly 190 jazz gigs that we counted and listed on Jazz Central - and more to come!


One of the big treats has been the new CD by alto saxophonist Tony Campbell. East Side is the new release, and on this program, Tony tells us why he picked the name. Also, his favorite song on this new release.

Also - we’ll hear from Keith David - a very busy actor on TV, movies, cartoons and even video games - his new project Friday night at MCG Jazz - two shows - in celebration and exploration of the life and career of jazz vocal legend Joe Williams

We’ll also hear from pianist Eliane Elias, performing Saturday night at MCGJazz.

And Victor Provost at the August Wilson Center, Friday night, plus sounds from saxophonist James Carter and pianist Deanna Witkowski, both touring to Pittsburgh December 8.

November was a very good and busy month of jazz in Pittsburgh, indeed, and December is shaping up, nicely!

Hear it on The Scene at 6 tonight - witness it all in person, all over Pittsburgh! See Jazz Central for details!