Jazz Franklin WZUM

WZUM's signal is on at 101.1 FM from Pittsburgh's North Side! 

The Press Release has more details.

This has been a dream, deferred, for many years, brought to life by the board of Pittsburgh Public Media (PPM) and more than a thousand donors and volunteers.

We are Pittsburgh Public Media, here to serve our community with music, information, education and partnerships. There's more connection and community-building to come.  

To succeed, we ask for your advice, your support and your enthusiasm:

  • Share your ideas, questions and thoughts with an email to info@wzum.org
  • "Like" our Facebook page
  • Donate as generously as you can
  • If you have connection with a business or nonprofit who'd benefit from on-air messages on WZUM through underwriting, please email us at info@wzum.org
  • Check out Jazz Central as we work to bring artists, presenters and performers together.
  • Spread the news of the growing service of the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel!

The Pittsburgh Jazz Channel WZUM can now be heard on 88.1 FM from Bethany, WV, on 1550 AM, Braddock and now on 101.1 FM from Pittsburgh’s north side. Streaming online via www.wzum.org

In 1787, on the other side of Pennsylvania, Benjamin Franklin was asked what the Constitutional Convention had just created. He reportedly said, "A Republic, if you can keep it."

In Pittsburgh, we've built a new public radio service. With your help, we will keep it and do great things for you and Pittsburgh for many years to come. 

WZUM is the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel. Welcome home!

Scott Hanley, General Manager, WZUM

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