WZUM Thank-You Gifts

WZUM Window Cling and Sticker - $60 and above


For all gifts of $60 or more, the long awaited WZUM window cling and a bumper sticker, too! Spread the message of Jazz on-the-Air in Pittsburgh with your happy display of our logo.

We’ll send a WZUM window cling and sticker for each pledge of $60 or or more. In addition, you can select thank-you gifts for the donation levels below (or choose no thank-you gift at all - it’s up to you!):

WZUM Reusable Grocery Tote* - 2 for $90

WZUM bag.jpg

For your gift of $90, receive TWO of these sturdy cotton bags.
Comfortable, easy-care 4-oz cotton fabric makes these bags perfect for everything from shopping to running errands and networking.

A hefty WZUM reusable grocery tote is great for the environment, convenient for shopping and shows your pride in Pittsburgh Jazz!

Fold-flat construction ensures easy storage.

Self-material handles measure 26".

Size: 15-1/2" x 15".

*Apples not included

FMV $4

MUSIC for the ages and the future

2019 is an important year for jazz in Pittsburgh - the resurgence of venues, creative artists and the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel are converging in an amazing way this year. We have special thank you gifts that reflect the history and future of jazz, music to enrich your life and your collection.


The Past is the Present: The Continuing Jazz Legacy of Pittsburgh CD - $120

A new musical project from Lighthouse Arts, with great recordings of established Pittsburgh jazz artists, “torchbearers” who have kept the sounds vibrant, and new “young lions” blazing a musical trail with enthusiasm and vigor.

Recorded in Aspinwall at Heid Studios, this compact disc features 22 musical notables from the Pittsburgh scene:

Dwayne Dolphin, Sean Jones, Eric Johnson, Lou Stelute, Maureen Budway, Roger Humphries, Sr, David Budway, James Moore, Emmett Goods, Jeff Bush, Eric Defade, Roby Edwards, Brett Williams, Paul Thompson, Thomas Wendt, Warren Wolf, Benny Benack III, Michael Stephenson, Evan Hetrick, Anton Defade and George Heid III.

This is a richly recorded celebration of just a sample of the heritage, traditions and future of Pittsburgh Jazz.

Celebrate the Legacy and Future of Pittsburgh Jazz with your gift of $120 to WZUM!

Past is the Present Story .png

1959 - Sixty Years On

1959 was a notable year in jazz - with innovation and popularity joining together on stage and in recordings that have stood the test of time, and a year when some jazz pioneers passed, including Billie Holiday and Lester Young. We’ve picked two very important records from 1959 - if you already own a copy, they are perfect gifts for pretty much anyone!

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue CD - $120

Miles Davis Kind of Blue LP.jpg

In March and April, 1959, trumpeter, composer and bandleader Miles Davis brought his sextet to the Columbia 30th Street Studio. The band was a popular, high performing group of soon to be legends.

Miles Davis – trumpet; Julian "Cannonball" Adderley – alto sax; John Coltrane – tenor sax; Jimmy Cobb – drums; and Pittsburgh native Paul Chambers – double bass.

The current pianist for the group, Wynton Kelly, would play on only one tune. Miles brought back Bill Evans for what would be heard as groundbreaking harmonic advances.

As Bill Evans wrote in the liner notes,

Miles conceived these settings only hours before the recording dates and arrived with sketches which indicated to the group what was to be played. Therefore, you will hear something close to pure spontaneity in these performances. The group had never played these pieces prior to the recordings and I think without exception the first complete performance of each was a "take."

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue is one of those records that deserves to be heard in total.

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue - for your gift of $120 to WZUM

TIme Out Dave Brubeck.jpg

The Dave Brubeck Quartet assembled in Columbia’s 30th Studio in the Summer of 1959 for what was a controversial project. With unusual time signatures, and experimental mindset and all original tunes, the record label was not enthusiastic.

Released in December of ‘59, the record took a while to catch on, but by 1961, the album peaked at number 2 on the Billboard pop album chart. The first single released on 45 RPM for radio play, “Take 5,” became a pop Top-40 hit.

Saxophonist and acerbic wit Paul Desmond was quoted as saying, "It was never supposed to be a hit. It was supposed to be a Joe Morello drum solo."

The album also features abstract cover art by S Neil Fujita, who’s story is a fascinating one, with artwork that helped open eyes while the music was opening ears.

The Dave Brubeck Quartet

  • Dave Brubeck – piano

  • Paul Desmond – alto saxophone

  • Eugene Wright – bass

  • Joe Morello – drums

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out - for your gift of $120 to WZUM