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WZUM Thank You Gifts for your pledge, today!

WZUM Thank You Gifts for your pledge, today!

WZUM reaches more people than ever, on the air and online. To keep the momentum going, we need your support.

Between now and June 30th, we have a very important goal: raise $50,000 in listener support.

Your contribution helps keep the lights, the website and the transmitters on. Special programs like the MCG Jazz Spotlight, the Scene, and the Pittsburgh Show have joined other favorites. We delighted to bring you details on the increasing number of live Pittsburgh jazz performances as chronicled on WZUM’s Jazz Central, too!

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WZUM, PO Box 456, South Park, PA 15129

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Jazz Central: who, where & when!

We are now counting upwards of 200 live jazz performances in Pittsburgh and throughout the tristate area, every month. We talk about it on the radio, and we encourage you to see and hear the great performers and venues in person! Click on Jazz Central for the latest we know about. We update it often. If you you have a gig to share, a correction or an update, send it to us at info@wzum.org

WZUM in the Community

WZUM expands in Pittsburgh

WZUM now reaches the heart of Pittsburgh at 101.1FM. Along with AM 1550, Braddock and 88.1FM, Bethany, plus www.wzum.org, we are reaching more listeners than ever.

Bringing jazz back to the Pittsburgh airwaves was no small feat, and hundreds of people have joined together to bring this musical gift to thousands in the region. 

WZUM and the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel are a public service of Pittsburgh Public Media, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to PPM and WZUM are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

WZUM is the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel. WZUM is Public Radio.

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We had a wonderful fundraiser show January 13th, 2017 to help put 101.1FM on the air, Featuring Richie Cole and much more! 

Pictures from the event here.