WZUM Membership Support

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I donated to WZUM and took a Thank You Gift. I have not received it.

A: Thank you gifts are sent out after the end of the fundraiser and after we have a full count of how many we need to send out. We can’t stock items as that would be a waste of resources. Once we have the items we ship them as fast as we can.

If it’s been a long time and you still have not received the item please contact us at 412-322-1800 or by email at members@wzum.org and let us know. We will do all we can to get you the item you expected.

Q: What happens if the Thank You gift I requested is not available?

A: If an item becomes unavailable to us it is completely beyond our control and we apologize for the disappointment. You are welcome to select a different Thank You Gift at your donation level. Please let us know what you are interested in by contacting us at 412-322-1800 or by email at members@wzum.org.

Q: I did not get a receipt for my donation, how can I get one?

A: When you donate to WZUM online you are sent to a receipt page after your card is approved. Please print or save the receipt for your records. If you donate by check we do not automatically issue a receipt unless your donation is $250 or more. If your donation is less that $250 and you need a receipt we can issue one to you. Please contact us at 412-322-1800 or by email at members@wzum.org and let us know.

Q: I made a new sustaining donation to occur monthly and my card was charged twice for the same amount. Why?

A: Our credit card processor runs all monthly recurring donations in a single monthly batch on or about the fourth day of each month. If your monthly sustaining donation begins on a date following a monthly batch, your next sustaining donation will be included in the following month’s batch. But if your monthly sustaining donation begins on the first, second, or third day of a month, we do our best to avoid adding your donation to our file of recurring donors until after the monthly recurring batch has been run. As this is a manual updating process, we may occasionally err in this regard. Please bear with us. If we inadvertently cause a double charge to your credit card, please advise and we will gladly credit you with a refund.