Our Mission

There are several cities that are essential to jazz’s history: New Orleans, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles……and Pittsburgh. Of all of these cities, pound-for-pound, New Orleans may stand tallest – but Pittsburgh is right behind. Dozens and dozens of jazz’s innovators lived here, grew up here, took inspiration from their hometown region…and helped to shape more than a century of America’s musical gift to the world.

Most of these legendary jazz cities do not have full-time jazz radio stations. Pittsburgh didn’t, either – until recently. When AM 1550 became the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel, for the first time, jazz was available throughout the region every day, day and night.

Now, Pittsburgh Public Media (PPM) proudly welcomes the addition of WZUM 101.1 FM to the Greater Pittsburgh airwaves. Hundreds of thousands more listeners in Pittsburgh can take a Pittsburgh jazz station along to work, in the car, first thing in the morning, and  late at night. 

We're working with performers, institutions and music lovers throughout the region to help build and sustain a community that supports and embraces this great American and Pittsburgh treasure of jazz. The best is yet to come!

Here is information about our leadership and and contact information.