Pittsburgh Public Media


WZUM-AM Braddock and WZUM-FM Bethany are owned by Pittsburgh Public Media.

Pittsburgh Public Media is an IRS 501(c)(3) registered charity. A copy of our designation is available upon request.

Our Address-

PO Box 456
South Park PA 15129

Email info@wzum.org

Phone (Toll Free) 844-348-6688

President Chuck Leavens

General Manager Scott Hanley

Board of Directors

Ron Schuler- Chair
President Chuck Leavens
Bob Brandenstein- Treasurer
Scott Hanley- Member and General Manager, WZUM
Pamela Johnson- Member
Bill Hillgrove- Member
Joe Negri- Member Emeritus

Online Public File

Scott Hanley- Host and General Manager of WZUM
Music Director- Dave Becker
Promotion Manager- Suzi Neft
Evelynn Hawkins- Station Voice
Tony Mowod- Host
Bill Hillgrove- Host
Chuck Leavens- Host and President, Pittsburgh Public Media

Bev Smith Show
Bev Smith- Host
Brook Titus- Show Coordinator

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