Our Mission

There are several cities that are essential to jazz’s history: New Orleans, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles……and Pittsburgh. Of all of these cities, pound-for-pound, New Orleans may stand tallest – but Pittsburgh is right behind. Dozens and dozens of jazz’s innovators lived here, grew up here, took inspiration from their hometown region…and helped to shape more than a century of America’s musical gift to the world.

And of all of these cities, New Orleans, Detroit, and Philadelphia do not have 24/7 jazz radio stations. Pittsburgh didn’t, either – until recently. When AM 1550 became the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel, for the first time 24/7 jazz was available throughout the region.

Now, we want to make jazz even easier to hear – and to do that, we’ll need your help. The Federal Communications Commission has given us permission to create a new FM service, the first new FM signal in Pittsburgh in some years. Think of what that means – you’ll be able to take jazz to work with you, in your car, first thing in the morning, late at night…whenever YOU want to hear it, it’ll be there.

Against all odds, the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel, its listeners, and its supporters have kept this music alive in southwest Pennsylvania. But until now, it’s been hard to pick up on your radio. This new FM signal changes the game – it makes jazz an everyday part of your radio listening, and it’ll sound beautiful. Here is information about our leadership.