The Scene - Thursdays at 6 on WZUM - an Erroll Garner Feature, too

We’ve added a new hour to the lineup - Thursday nights at 6, the Scene with Scott Hanley. Jazz news, new releases and some extra things we think you might like from us here on the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel
It’s not a talk show, but we will probably talk a bit more, including this week, a visit with some of the production team behind a brand new project featuring Pittsburgh Native - Pianist Errol Garner.

A two vinyl album  as well as Digital release called “NightConcert” - recorded for Phillips in the 1960’s at the Musikverein in Amsterdam - and now, reworked like you’ve never heard it before.

Here’s a sample of what was on the air - we’ll have more of it up at, soon

There has been renewed interest  in pianist Erroll Garner, fueled in part by the donation of the Erroll Garner Archives to the University of Pittsburgh - this has led to some great new projects, including a new remastered release of a mid 60’s recording from Amsterdam

Peter Lockhart, senior producer of NightConcert, and Susan Rosenberg - the niece of Martha Glaser, Erroll’s longtime manager, and now champion for the Erroll Garner Jazz Project, which includes the Garner Archives which are now held at the University of Pittsburgh. They also talk about how this project has moved forward since the sad passing of pianist Gerri Allen - now with the help and  - artistic direction of pianist Christian Sands.


This was a long interview - so we’ll hear more of it on another show - and we’ll put the whole thing up, online at WZUM dot ORG.