Frank Cunimondo on the Tonight Show 1963

Pittsburgh Jazz mainstay Frank Cunimondo is a pianist, teacher and musical mover and shaker. Cunimondo continues to perform all around the region, and his long career has included performances seen by millions.

This newly released, rare, video from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson back in the Skitch Henderson days is a delight. Many thanks to Pat Leone for helping restore this film and for sharing it for us all!

Many of the shows from the New York days of the Carsen show were lost when the tapes were erased or destroyed during the first decade of the program. This glimpse at Carson and Cunimondo is a rare gift of special moments.

This is a video taken from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson with special musical guest, jazz pianist, Frank Cunimondo. This episode was filmed in the summer of 1963. The Show was broadcast nationally and recorded at Rockefeller Plaza, NYC. This video was kept in a basement storage area at Frank Cunimondo's mother's house since first produced till now.