Jazz and Civil Rights Anthems - MCG Jazz Spotlight Hour - Friday Night and Sunday night at 6

Friday and Sunday night at 6 on WZUM.


Friday Night, MCG founder Bill Strickland shares stories and music from around the time the 1960’s civil rights movement and community building. He Includes stories of his own experiences working to register voters during those unsettling times.

Hear Billy Taylor’s civil rights anthem, “I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to Be Free,” Dave Brubeck with Carmen McRae from the offshoot of a groundbreaking U.S. State Department trip with Louis Armstrong, leading to the musical “The Real Ambassadors.”

Plus, John Coltrane’s “Alabama,” the Modern Jazz Quartet, Grant Green,Sam Cooke, and a classic favorite by Etta Jones.

Friday night at 6, repeated Sunday night at 6 on WZUM, the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel!

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MCG Founder Bill Strickland

MCG Founder Bill Strickland