The worlds longest fund over

Amazing.  It has been a long, long adventure. ups and downs, disheartened moments and absolute miracles.

But what has been the most amazing part are the over 700 names of people.  Donors.  Believers. Believers in this music and the need for this service.

I open and read each and every message sent to us, and sometimes the depth of how this service touches people is just beyond words.  It is an honor that is truly humbling.

In any moment that we have felt that it was useless you have kept us going and have recharged our heart and faith in this work.

We promise to be better and better, to fix the things we are not very good at, and truly serve this community and the trust you have bestowed on us.

There can never be a thank you big enough or wide enough for all you have done to make this service real. I so wish I had the ability to tell each person personally.

I guess the best we have to say thank you is to get better and better every day.

Thank YOU! It is an honor to lead this project.

Chuck Leavens
President, Pittsburgh Public Media